Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tea Tuesday

I was floating some ideas around in my head, trying to decide what to post about on different days of the week. And since I was having my morning mug of tea, it hit me- I drink tons of tea, I might as well talk about it.

Last May, I was in London for a study abroad trip (I had an amazing time!) and I was in the morning routine of having a bowl of oatmeal and a cup of tea. So naturally, the first stop was the grocery store to pick some up to continue my regular routine. Being a college student on a thrifty budget, I was not about to buy a small package of tea when I could buy a bigger package for a few pounds more. And it was Earl Grey, which I knew if nothing else, I could bring home and share with my mom. So I bought the 100 tea bags package of Earl Grey (the grocery store brand- thrifty college student again). And since I was not in London for 100 days, I brought what was left home with me.

Here it is, January 3rd, and I still have a lot of it left. Not that I don't like Earl Grey anymore, just that at home, I have a greater variety of teas and some coffee as well. But this morning felt like an Earl Grey morning. I don't know if all English tea comes this way, but this particular brand came in what I'll call pods. (Older Bro Uno has an expresso shot maker, and the coffee for it comes in little circle shaped filters, these are the same way.)

So, for my first Tea Tuesday, I give you Earl Grey (Sainsbury's). I like mine with a bit of sugar. How do you drink yours?


  1. I drink a cup (or two) of Irish Breakfast from Twinings every morning with just a little honey. I also like Earl Grey, but for my "afternoon" tea I've been drinking White Christmas from Stash. It's white tea infused with peppermint and ginger. Sooo good that I drink it without milk or honey or anything.

    As a side note, you should definitely read the real Pride and Prejudice!! It's my all-time favorite book.

  2. If it's strong, I drink it with sugar (and more of it than is socially acceptable); it it's fairly weak, then I drink it plain, or with lemon.

    I've noticed big variations between the different brands of Earl Grey. The local British Emporium has a loose tea that they measure into small bags - it seems a bit citrusy (although I don't know if Earl Grey even has citrus); Twinnings Light and Fragrant seems dark and strong. I can make a whole teapot with one bag as quickly as I can get it out of the water. Twinnings Lady Grey is nice and much lighter.

    Interesting post. (I hop and skipped here starting at a Pinterest pin).


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