Thursday, September 29, 2011

Currently: Just started Hooking!

My Elise Shawl has finally started! I'm using a reclaimed Old Navy sweater - its an odd blend, but it yielded a massive amount of yarn that I was able to dye. I love this pattern! It's a very simple 2 row repeat, and I love how the yarn turned out. I didn't know how the yarn would come out when I dyed it because it had enough acrylic in it to keep the colors from being super vibrant.
It's coming a bit slower than I expected, but only because I've been working on more stuff for a craft show in 2 weekends.
Pictures to come soon!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Currently: On my Needles

So, there's a back story to this: I learned how to crochet first, so when I took up the needles to start knitting, I was slow. And I've nearly always been slow. I got a bit ambitious a few years into knitting and I wanted to try a vest. My brother loves sweater vests. I figured it'd be easy- no sleeves, minimal shaping, etc. It's been on my needles for nearly 3 years. It was supposed to be a Christmas present.
I love the yarn, a creamy colored Simply Soft. I love the pattern, a basic cable that still manages to look awesome. I just can't sit long enough to finish that thing. Sometimes I need projects that go quickly, so this vest has been in a bag for a while now. My current goal is to finish it this year. I have less than 3 months until Christmas. Can I do it?

Currently on My Bookshelf

I've been reading James A. Owen's Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica, and I'm on book 5, the last of the currently published books (According to his website, Owen has at least 2 more in the works).
I've loved reading this series, however, The Dragon's Apprentice has been sitting on my shelf since last Monday, waiting to be read. And it keeps sitting there. I hate that I've been neglecting it, but school has gotten very busy, and it still sits. Hopefully next week, when my mini lesson plan project has been turned in and present, I will have a bit of time to read on it.