Saturday, September 24, 2011

Currently: On my Needles

So, there's a back story to this: I learned how to crochet first, so when I took up the needles to start knitting, I was slow. And I've nearly always been slow. I got a bit ambitious a few years into knitting and I wanted to try a vest. My brother loves sweater vests. I figured it'd be easy- no sleeves, minimal shaping, etc. It's been on my needles for nearly 3 years. It was supposed to be a Christmas present.
I love the yarn, a creamy colored Simply Soft. I love the pattern, a basic cable that still manages to look awesome. I just can't sit long enough to finish that thing. Sometimes I need projects that go quickly, so this vest has been in a bag for a while now. My current goal is to finish it this year. I have less than 3 months until Christmas. Can I do it?

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