Sunday, July 22, 2012

Stress is not Fun

Do parents ever realize when they are pushing away their children?

I think mine are totally oblivious to the fact that I am feeling so mutinous right now that if I could, I would pack everything up and just leave. Yes, moving is very complicated, but I feel like I could figure it out after I leave.

The last 2 weeks I have been stressed out to the point of feeling sick to my stomach nearly every day. On top of that, I can't sleep. This is not healthy. It's really not. And I know it.

I was really hoping we could resolve these issues on amicable terms, but right now, its not looking like it. Do they really think that asking me to wait 2 more years is going to result in a better marriage? Because that's what it looks like right now.

I have been with E for nearly 3 years. We've talked about marriage for maybe the last year and a half or so. He's been back from his deployment for nearly 6 months. We both finish school early next summer. We want to get married late next summer. But my parents are stalling on their blessing. We don't want to go ahead without my parents, because that is a terrible way to start married life, but its looking more and more like that is the only solution.

They say that because they had issues early in their married life that they're worried about me and E. They're probably also worried about me ending up like my Aunt T, who has three children and a lying husband. Don't they understand that everyone's different? Everyone has some issues in their marriage. But what matters is how they deal with them.

E and I have talked to several different people whom we respect, and we have several possible alternatives. I'm exploring my options for moving out. Unfortunately, my great Uncle passed away last week, and all the family's dealing with funeral stuff. So I have to wait to explore my options.

Thank you to all of you, my followers, who shared your own stories and offered your support when I posted about this 2 weeks ago. I'm hoping to have some of this sorted out before the school year starts at the end of August. Prayers are appreciated.

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