Monday, July 23, 2012

Holiday Stashdown Challenge: Week 11

This week for the Holiday Stashdown, we're reassessing our lists. Over the past week, I spent a great amount of time on my Ravelry queue, looking at patterns I wanted to make. Then, I wrote out my original list of who I wanted to make handmade gifts for. From there, I flipped back and forth between my list of "projects I *have* to make" and "handmade gifts for...". I think I've matched many of them up quite nicely. (note: this list has been *at least* a week in the making.. I've edited it several times already)

The List
Mom & Dad: Autumnal Afghan, various afghan blocks, Vanna's Choice in Honey, Rust, Cranberry, Dusty Purple, Eggplant, Dusty Green and Toffee.
Mom: fingerless gloves, in KnitPicks Felici Hummingbird
Dad: still unknown
Bro #1: that vest that never gets finished
Bro #2: Jayne hat, most likely in misc. acrylic that has been floating in my stash (He recently watched Firefly, & hats for him are a good standby.) If I have time and inclination, I will make him a beard hat.
Sister: Divine hat in easy care acrylic (finished!). Age of Brass and Steam Scarf in KnitPicks Shadow Deep Sea, fingerless gloves in KnitPicks Felici Tyrian Purple (maybe)
E: He wants a beard hat- go figure. Such a guy. Not sure if he will get anything else handmade.

Aunt #1/Godmother: bulky slippers in KnitPicks Wool of the Andes Bulky that I dyed myself, T-yarn rug
Aunt #2: A Touch of Gray, in a in between width (not scarf, but not stole either)
Aunt #3:  button socks in Bernat Jr. Jacquard (it's a sock weight and has some nylon in it)
T (my favorite cousin): Starlight Tunisian scarf (in yellow)(no yarn yet), possibly Smorgasbord blanket BMDAO (T's 5 kids): slipper socks in the yarn they helped me dye last winter (Basic Sock)

Friend B: Slip Stitch Shawl in a scarf size- tried this pattern, realized I hate slip stitches. Now I'm using the Soft Waves ripple from Jan Eaton's 200 Ripple Patterns with a hand-dyed wool yarn.
Friend K: infinity scarf in Lion Brand Homespun- She loved the one for her birthday, and requested another one. (personal pattern)
Friend A: Up to You Scarf (Re-dying the yarn from my first Juliana)

E's nieces & nephews: an activity rug with 6 amis
E's mom & sisters: fingerless gloves (maybe) (3 pair) or scarves
E's dad & brothers: hats (maybe) (5)

Coworkers: Cards with crocheted snowflakes on them. (if time)

And I found this ornament and this ornament that I would also think about making if any of the above ideas don't work out. I also keep finding cute ideas that would be fabulous for scrap yarn, which means I need to stop browsing patterns on Ravelry.

I feel loads better now that I have ideas for patterns, as I had felt a bit disorganized without a completed list. I also have the list separated into sections, where the first two need to get done, and the second two depend on time and inclination.

I hate and love this stashdown. My yarn supply feels limited. I'm trying to avoid placing another KnitPicks order, as it defeats the purpose of this adventure, so I've seeking out dyeable fibers in my stash. So far, I have found a few already dyed fibers that I forgot about, and I'm re-dyeing some others that are leftover from other projects. Yesterday, I figured I would try my hand at solar-dyeing, since it is too hot to use microwave or stovetop. I still haven't checked the results... I also know that I have multiple skeins of Bare KnitPicks yarn hanging out in my stash. Guess what else is going to visit the dyepot in the next few weeks?!

I have just received several Christmas orders for hats, and one of them needs to be done by October, so I'll be putting some of the above aside to work on those orders come mid-August.

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  1. This is a really exciting list - and way more organized than mine lol! I'm especially looking forward to seeing the Jayne hat and the Button Socks. I know what you mean about feeling limited by the stash. I always feel that way at the start of a project, but once it is finished, and I have more space, I really feel satisfied. That being said, I did buy a skein when nothing I had at home matched the color preferences of this particular person...


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