Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Holiday Stashdown Challenge: Week 9

This week with Marie's Holiday Stashdown, we are to talk about a memorable handmade gift that we've received. At first I was stuck, but then I remembered this:

Several years ago my godmother made this blanket for me. It's double thick denim and flannel. The single fault I can find with it is that it is not a drapey blanket, and has a tendency to be a bit stiff. But it is amazingly warm. And I love blankets, so this was a fabulous choice of gifts for me.

I don't necessarily think that this gift teaches me anything, because the minute I start trying to make blankets for everyone in my family, you all call me a crazy over-acheiver. (And I wouldn't blame you. I would have to be nuts.)

But I think this means I need to think either more basic or more out of the box. Though I do have plans to finish 3 blankets before Christmas this year. I don't know who will get them though...

I'm sorry I'm super off again today- I just can't put it into words.


  1. I don't think I could really put into words my memorable handcrafted gift either. At least you tried.

  2. I love that blanket - is it made from denim scraps? It does look really warm. I agree, making everyone blankets would be a very tough challenge in just a few months?


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