Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I can see progress in my Stash-Bashing! (Though if I showed you pictures of my room, you would'nt believe me)

Over-dyeing yarn to make it new!
Earlier in the week, I solar-dyed a leftover skein of yarn (so it would not look the same as the first project made with it), and just yesterday, I matched another skein of yarn to a Holiday Stashdown project.

I haven't purchased any new yarn since my large-ish order from KnitPicks and my purchases of Vanna's Choice for the Autumnal afghan, and even that yarn isn't staying in my stash long. I think right now, the only yarn I don't want to "break into" is my Bare yarn from KnitPicks. I will dye and use it if I cannot find another suitable yarn for the project, but right now, I think I should be set.

From here on out, any yarn I do buy will be for the hat orders that I have coming in for the holidays. 9 hats for E's sister, another for E's godson (E offered to pay for it, since he wants an extravagant design) 2 baby dinosaurs for my friend L, and one cousin found out she's expecting a Christmas baby, and is planning on placing an official order soon. Most of these I should be able to make from stash yarn, and I will make those first, but some I already *know* will require craft store visits. (yes, such a tragedy)

I am actually enjoying working from my stash, as it is making me become more creative with my crafting. It is also forcing me to do a bit more knitting than I am used to (because crochet is my first love) as knitting helps me to use up yarn in a more efficient manner.

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  1. I admire that you are knitting from your stash! It takes some thinking to pair projects to what is already in the basket!!

  2. I admire your preparation. I have only just started figuring out my Christmas knitting - I am dismally behind this year. It seems every knitter out in blog land is getting geared up. So much inspiration.

    Great idea to over dye the yarn...I have only ever dyed plain white to make the colour I want or need, but overdyeing would surely change up what is still left in the stash. Thanks for sharing


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