Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July Goals

#1: Productivity

Hopefully July will see a more productive me. I already have plans for an autumnal block afghan for my mom's Christmas present, plus all the smaller gift items that are on my list. I'm thinking these will be one or two day projects, so they will fly off my hook and fill my "to-be-gifted" bag.
I have placed the majority of my stress behind me, as the wedding is over (and the afghan that went with it!), my summer classes are over, and I have several weeks to preapre for summer camp.

#2 Cleanliness

I hate living in a cluttered mess, even though that is my state of mind much of the time. I want to clear out books I will never read, and make my space more organized. I do not want to be stressed out in my own space. This ties in with productivity, as when I get more yarn projects done, there will be less yarn sitting in piles/bags/boxes around my room.

Both of these goals fit well into my Holiday Stashdown with Marie, and the Stash Bash with Tricia.

#3 New Books!

I need to expand my reading tastes, and have been doing that a bit this last week. I also just need to read the books that I own. I think I will alternate between the two for the rest of the summer, which will hopefully make a dent in my stacks.

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