Friday, July 27, 2012

Cast off and Cast on Again!

Over the last week, I have finished multiple projects!! As in: I cut the yarn, wove in all the ends, blocked, added buttons where needed AND took photographs. Weeeeee! I'm excited, because this doesnt usually happen.

First up is my Shallow Waters Shawl by Anastacia Zittel in Knitpicks Shadow Lace- Summer Blooms Tonal. I really loved making this pattern, as it was a simple repeat that makes a light and lacy shawl. I repeated the border rows more than necessary, but only because after 4 of them I decided I didn't want to frog back (even though I should've). My little sister is modeling, even though it is a "me" project because I wanted a pink scarf.

Isn't she adorable?
Next is my Any Which Way Lace. I used a recycled sweater that I dyed myself for this project. The yarn is soft, even though it's harder to tell in this lace pattern. I love that the button band is worked into the pattern (a row of dc at the beginning and end of the pattern)-- I will probably use this method myself next time I create a cowl. I modelled this one, though not very well.

turn sideways :)
The final FO this week is the Soft Waves ripple scarf that I mentioned on Wednesday. I finished it, added a bright yellow button, and decided it would be more suited to someone under the age of 15, rather than one of my friends. It is more of a cowl size, and it still needs a good soak in conditioner, but I will do that closer to the time of its gifting.
Sideways and psychedelic!
Even though it's not really a FO, I did get photos of my solar-dyed yarn. I feel like it might be a bit too gray, but I'm really hoping that I'll like it more once I start knitting it!

yes, turn your head sideways, again...

And tonight I will "cast on" several new projects, as part of the Ravellenic Games- a child size hat for the Hat Dash event, and a pair of fingerless gloves for the Mitten Medley. If I have time, I will enter a project or 2 in the Shawl Sailing event, as I am participating as part of Team CSW (crochet shoulder wrappers).

I also have a question, nearly unrelated: I'm trying to decide on my next afghan project (yes, for 2013) and these are the colors I want to use:
Northern Lights color palette in Vanna's Choice
I'm still not sure if I will work it in Vanna's Choice yarn (I'm leaning toward Caron Simply Soft right now). My main question is what style should my afghan be in? The first 2 options I thought of were either blocks or some variation on the ripple. Any other ideas? Votes toward one of my thoughts or the other?

Linking up with Tami today!! Be sure to head over there and see what everyone else is doing!


  1. Looks like you have made a lot of nice cowls here!

    As for the afghan, I think a ripple would look really nice in those colors.

  2. Its lovely, I love the colors. I read your about me. I'm a History major who is leaning towards becoming a professor.

  3. From the pic, the solar dye looks great. My BIL graduated with a degree in history and got his teaching certificate 2 years ago..only to have the economy crash and teachers being laid off...only now are things looking up for him...

    Have fun in the games..I'll be cheering from the bleachers!

  4. I love that shawl pattern!I only barely know how to crochet--just the basic stitches, I've never made anything more than a swatch--but I hope someday to be able to crochet things like shawls. :)

    Have fun in the Ravellenics! I considered participating this year but decided it would be too difficult with a 3 month old to take care of. :) Maybe next Olympics!

  5. Your shawls are all lovely, well done for getting them all into circulation. I am a member of the CSW board as well though I haven't made one for a while, it's a great group of people, so friendly and helpful.

  6. Love all the scarves! Nice of your sister to model, but careful she doesn't keep it for herself :)

    If I were to start an afghan today, it'd be blocks. But maybe that's because it's soooo hot out now? I couldn't bear the thought of a big heavy mass of fiber on my lap!

  7. I knew you had a lot going on, but wow!! Great work getting all those things pulled together. You know that I'm a huge shawl fan, so I love seeing what you've done. I'd like to see more of the one with the button band - that sounds like a neat idea.

    As for your sideways pics, I don't use Blogger, but I've read of others having this problem. If I remember, one of the solutions was to edit and save your pics in Picasa (or another editor) first and pull them in from there. It might be worth a try, cuz it's a shame to have to your lovely sister on her side!!

    I vote for a blanket made from squares of some sort - big and little ones maybe? Really like the colors you picked. I made my first afghan from Vanna's Choice and it's soft and has washed well...

    Good luck in the games!

  8. Oh, I'm so envious of that shallow water shawl (the pattern just went in my favourites on Ravelry), its colour and drape look wonderful! And I love the ripple scarf, too, those colours are so summer-wonderful.

  9. I love the solar dyed yarn! And the shawls look great :) I really love the colours you've picked for your next blanket. :)


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