Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Foiled Again!

Thursdays are the day to link up with Tricia's Stash Bash, and I hang my head again, as I have been unsuccessful. Again.

Michael's had Vanna's Choice on sale this week for 2/$5, which is a pretty decent deal, so when my sister mentioned she was going, I gave her a list. She brought 4 skeins home for me, in the fall colors I am using for my mom's Christmas afghan.

But I suppose since the yarn was purchased with a purpose, it doesn't really count. I'm still not entirely sure of the color palette, as I am used to much brighter colors, but I think I will like the end result. (And I hope and pray that my mom does too!)

I shared a bit of what I've been working on yesterday, but that doesn't really cover the variety of what I have been working on in bits and pieces.
  • I was originally making a scrap yarn dishcloth, as I had been making dishcloths that use nearly an entire skein, but not quite. That evolved into an idea that was sparked by Pinterest. I figured I could just crochet a longer piece, and instead of sewing on a towel, I would do a chain stitch through both layers of the crocheted fabric. It's a little bulkier than I would like, but for an experiement, it's not too bad.
  • Blooms in the Water. I feel like this project is going both slow and fast. I started it in favor of finishing my Juliana Re-Mix, because the weather was so hot. But now, it's just easier to put this project in my bag because it's so compact. The goal is to finish this or Juliana by next week
  • Felted blanket (Smorgasbord). When I can sit and just stitch around my felted squares, this is a great project. But I've been so antsy and stressed that I can only work a few at a time.
  • BAMCAL squares. They have been hibernating in a bag for several weeks now, though I think the time is ripe to finish it off-- lots of putting squares together, which I dread a little bit.
But I have been cleaning in my room, and there is now a box by my bedroom door for yarn that I will never use. When it gets full, I will take it to the school for the fourth graders. So I suppose my Stash Bash is going both successfully and unsuccessfully- it just depends on the definition of successful/unsuccessful. There has been a lot of movement of yarn out of (and into) my bedroom. But, 6 months until Christmas, and less than that until the fall craft shows! 


  1. I'd say you've been successful - since you bought the yarn to finish mom's blanket. I think the colors are working well together (even if it's not pink!!)
    Keep up the good work!

  2. I agree and it'll be good to see the finished blanket - I love granny square blankets :0) The felted woollen squares look interesting - I struggle to find anything suitable to felt in charity shops here.


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