Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mystery Novels... and yarn!

This week I am working mostly on my Shallow Waters Shawl for the July JAL at the CSW group on Ravelry. I've called it "Blooms in the Water" because I am using KnitPicks Shadow in Summer Blooms Tonal. I love the colors of this yarn, as I mentioned a few days ago- there is a lot of depth in the pinks, which adds interest.

Sorry for the bad lighting!
Even though the shawl is my "main" project right now, I'm still going through the summer cleaning phase (mainly because my summer technically just started, with me having taken summer classes and such) so I will pick up some random small project and work on that for a bit. Lots of fidgeting. In that fidgeting I managed to edge a few woolen squares (from felted sweaters) and so far, I have this:

I've been reading the Shakespeare and Smythe Mysteries by Simon Hawke. I finished the second one on Monday night, and started the third yesterday afternoon. This one is called Much Ado about Murder. The first two, A Mystery of Errors and The Slaying of the Shrew, were short and fun. But I was not familiar with either of the plays that were referred to in the titles, and as I'm reading the third one, I am realizing that there are a huge number of parallels between the Shakespeare play and the mystery novel. I feel a bit stupid as I didn't realize before, but then I cut myself a break because I am not totally uncultured and have read a number of Shakespeare plays, just not the ones referenced by these books. Definitely an easy read, if you like mysteries and Shakespeare and a bit of historical fiction-ish stuff thrown in, you might want to try these.

I'm joining up with Tami's WIPW and Ginny's Yarn Along today!


  1. Your shawl looks pretty so far. I really like the color.

  2. I love what you're doing with the felted sweaters, how interesting!

  3. The shawl is looking gorgeous so far, the colour is very pretty.
    Nice use of the felted sweaters.
    Enjoy the your summer reading.


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