Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WIPW: Am I really Designing?

Today I'm linking up with Tami's WIP Wednesday and Ginny's Yarn-Along.

Here is one of my project bags:

WIPW/Yarn Along 4/25/12

Hiding in the back is the MSU ripple that I have been working on-- finally on my second skein of green, so yarn-wise halfway.... But it's looking like I'll be buying at least one or 2 more skeins before this is over. (It's Caron Simply Soft, BTW, totally amazing feeling, especially for an acrylic.)

On top of that is one of my up-cycling projects. I've been trying to clear out some of my recycled yarn so I can get some new stuff in the fall, and this is a product of that. It's either a narrow shawl or a wider scarf, and while I know you can't see the design well, it was something I created myself. See, I've been getting involved with several different groups on Ravelry- the two that are encouraging me the most in the design sense are Crochet Shoulder Wrappers and the 2012 Block-a-Month CAL. I credit the CSW group because they are always looking for new and different patterns, and I'm usually just looking for something that can double as a scarf. And the BAMCAL gets credit for expanding my knowledge of crochet stitches and how they can change the look of an afghan block.

And I'm not reading anything new this week, though since I just finished my winter semester, and the short spring semester doesn't start for a few weeks, I will aim to be on a new book for next week's yarn- along!

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  1. Designing a pattern is a really fun process! I'm eager to see how your project turns out!

  2. Designing is fun! I have dabbles with a few (knitting) designs and have more ideas, but need to make more time!

    I love the colour you're using.


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