Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Sunday Update

That title sounds like the name of a newspaper or something. But as I have not been able to blog as much as I usually like, I'm tossing in an update post to to catch up on everything.
During the week, things usually run quite quickly, with me attending classes, going to work, and driving 20 minutes one way for my field work. It was getting stressful, but as long as I got enough sleep, I was alright. And now it's nearly all done. I finished my last day of teaching this past Friday, and this coming week is my last of classes for this semester (I still have finals and spring semester though). So even though my list of homework hasn't gotten a lot shorter, the end is near, which is comforting.

My crafting has slowed down because of those few hectic weeks, but I am nearly finished with my Lenten blanket. These are the last few squares that I made for it: More V's Please, Forest Chains, Wooly Snowflake and Schoharie Spring.

I've been slowly working on the ripple for Allie's wedding present, and added another ripple project to my list, as I decided that I wanted another one from some of the yarn I just dyed. I'm making steady progress on both, even though Allie's is my only current project with a deadline.

Easter was a quiet affair with my family. We went to Easter Vigil, and on Sunday Mom cooked a big lunch. E came over, which was fun, since my brothers really like him. I caught him playing with my knitting halfway through the day:
You can't really see what was on the needles, but it was my never-ending Citron. (When I finish all these blankets, I'll come back to it)

And since Easter, it's been a huge variety of activities, but mostly school and work stuff, as mentioned before. In 1 1/2 weeks the semester will be over, and I will be able to reclaim my room which has fallen prey to the messy monster! Bags of yarn, half-finished projects, bits of reclaimed sweaters dyed with Kool-Aid, and all sorts of other stuff have built up, and I cannot live in such all small space with all the clutter.

Anyway, that's all for today! Hopefully things will be saner on Wednesday so I can actually share some of what I'm working on.

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  1. Your squares are wonderful. I really like the variety. And, I can't believe the difference color changes make. I have made a ton of the More V's Please all in solid, and I almost didn't recognize the pattern. Happy Belated Easter.


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