Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Time for Celebration!

Dorky picture of me that I cannot figure out how to rotate. 

This week I celebrated my birthday. I also celebrated finishing a really big project: the wedding ripple afghan.

My dad wrote me a birthday message, also sideways...

It took 8 skeins of Caron Simply Soft, and I used Lucy @ Attic 24's ripple pattern, which is absolutely lovely. I like that it does not have any ch increases in it, as the holes created have always been what I dislike about some ripple patterns.

Here is the ripple in all of its lovely ripply goodness:
Ignore all the ends that haven't been woven yet. Please :)

I'm also celebrating the end of the semester. This coming week I take my finals, turn in 2 research papers, and then freedom! I'm looking forward to free time, even though it will mean lots of cleaning. But it will also mean more reading time too! (I have a stack of books to read- to see if they are worthy of remaining in my collection).

Here's a look at my birthday haul:
Several skeins of Bernat, the nice self-fair-isle-ing type (I'm itching to try it)(from sister) A really lovely burgundy colored Scrumptious superwash 4-ply (from E) A basket of miscellaneous acrylic (from godmother)(the basket's really my favorite part)(she also got me these awesome earrings, that I forgot to photograph) Amigurumi Toy Box is finally mine! as is Aladdin on DVD (brother #1) a cute dragonfly travel mug and instant coffee (brother #2, not pictured) On the right is a photo album with a old world map print, and the far left is a Freeset bag from Better Way Imports, both from the parentals.   

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the week- finals, Idina Menzel Concert, WEDDING!!!


  1. Blogger turns some of my photos sideways, too. I can never figure out why or how to fix it! But, Happy Birthday! and gorgeous afghan =)

  2. Happy Birthday Mary! Have a terrific weekend!


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