Thursday, June 28, 2012

Same Song, Second Verse

June's nearly over, and I'm evaluating my progress  of stash bashing so far.

  • Finished the wedding ripple- yarn purchased before January 1st, but bought with a purpose, so never really languished in stash. 
  • Finished 20 -12" blocks using patterns from the BAMCAL- yarn purchased with purpose.
  • Half dozen dishcloths- some using stash, some using newly purchased yarn--oops
  • Finished Mezza-Juliana- gift yarn- yay!
  • Finished Pretty in Pink Juliana- upcycled yarn from stash
  • Finished Eva in Lace- upcycled yarn from stash
  • Finished Divine Hat- yarn from stash
  • Finished Claret Cowl- upcycled yarn from stash
  • many more scarves/cowls!
As I'm going through my Ravelry projects page, I'm realizing that I've finished more than I originally thought, even though I don't feel like my stash is decreasing (probably because it hasn't quite yet)

WIP Juliana Re-mix

This week, I really don't have any huge stash-bashing progress, other than the 6 months of progress so far this year. But room for improvement is good! The Juliana Re-mix above is using yarn that I purchased mid-March, as a celebration for finishing my fieldwork for the semester. I'm trying to finish it so I will be able to move back to more 'official' stash bashing. 

Since the spring semester finishes for me today, I'll definitely have more time to work on bashing my stash again! 

Check out Tricia @ Crunchy Catholic Momma- she's been kind enough to host this stash bash for us!


  1. that's a good size list you have there but at least now you can start crossing things off especially since your semester ended:)
    I've been making good progress on my stash because the kids are done with school as well so that frees up my mornings..yeah
    Here's to both of us making good progress on our stashes this summer!!!

  2. Holey Moley, You have gotten alot done!! Don't feel bad about buying yarn, I just fell off the wagon too but am back on top! Thanks for joining me at the Stash Bash and hope to see your projects next week : )

  3. Just wanted to stop by and say hello. I may not comment but enjoy your posts. Stay cool!


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