Monday, June 11, 2012

Invasion of the Hexagons!

Over at Barbara's blog (Made in K-Town), there has been an on-going Beyond the Square Challenge. Barbara's goal is to make over 100 of the motifs featured in Edie Eckman's Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs book (there are 144 motifs in the book). I've wanted to join in, having purchased the book a few years ago, but haven't really gotten into it yet.
Motif #34

This weekend, however, I pulled out my book. Armed with some "sport weight" yarn from one of those old ornament kits (from my aunt, who didn't want it at her house), I started in the hexagon section, searching for snowflake-like motifs. I didn't want any of my hexagons to be abandoned, so I am doubling my Beyond the Square Challenge with the Holiday Stashdown Challenge.
Motif #43

The following motifs passed the snowflake-look-alike contest:
Motif #29 **
Motif #34 - it's very picot-y**
Motif #35
Motif #36- super easy after all those picots in 34**
Motif #37
Motif #38
Motif #39
Motif #43**
Motif #29

After hooking 34, which had 5 rounds, I decided for my "first round" of hexagons,  I would only hook the smaller ones. 36 was a little denser than 29, but still looks really pretty worked up. 43 was super quick, and looks adorable.
Motif #36

A note about my yarn: I don't think it's sport weight. I'm using a F hook, and sometimes that feels too big for this yarn. But by using it for this project, it will not longer be in my stash, languishing.

Another note: sorry for the not-super-clear photos- red and artifical light don't get along


  1. I love making things like that. In no time at all you have a great ornament. Last year I made garland by hooking a chain and attaching different color/style motifs every 8 inches. I'm embarrassed to say that it's still hanging in the big doorway between the living room and dining room! Way to work down that stash!

  2. Hi Mary! What a great idea to combine the two challenges, in Germany we'd say you kill two flies with one swatter :)

    I can imagine those motifs as embellishments on simple greeting cards, that would look nice for christmas!

    It's good to see that your prize has arrived, I'm glad you like it :)

    have a great day,


  3. I am laughing at your red snowflakes, but they really look nice. It is always good to push us beyond the square, and hexagons are so much fun. Also, the stash busting is admirable! I am working on this as well.


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