Friday, June 15, 2012

On my Bookshelves*

*or on the floor, or my bed, or my desk....

I've decided to do a separate book post this week, because I am actually reading some new stuff (Along with some older stuff, too)

First are the Michigan books that I am reading for my history class. 3 of them are the "main" texts for the class, while the rest are fueling my research for the final paper. I can only think of the titles of my textbooks right now... Rites of Conquest, Cleland; Michigan: A History of the Great Lakes State, Rubenstein and Ziewacz; The Flivver King, Upton Sinclair.

Next is the newest (?I think) Mary Higgins Clark book, The Lost Years. I haven't gotten really far, but my mom passed it to me when she was finished, saying that it was good. It's a library book, so hopefully I will have a chance to read more of it before it's due.

The older stuff is Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire- both audio books that I can listen to while crafting :)

The rest of the books that I currently have checked out from the library are either crafting books or sign language books. I'm trying to come up with a decent list of Christmas gifts this year, so I keep searching the crochet pattern books from the library. As for the ASL, I'm trying to come up with hand motions to a song, and ASL is always the best place to start, at least in my mind (I've never done this before, HELP)

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  1. I recently finished The Lost Years (there's a review on my blog) I'm curious how you like it. Be sure to let us know!
    Hand motions for a song? Is it for a program of some sort? In any event, the ASL books seem a good place to start. Maybe ask the library to get you a book about Hawaiian dance - they have a whole "story language" you might be able to use. Good luck!


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