Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rejoining: Stash bash!

It has been a number of weeks since I joined in with Tricia/Crunchy Catholic Momma's Stash Bash. It doesnt help that my focus has been on a small number of large projects either.

However, as I am nearing the end of my large projects, I feel that I can properly join in again with a stash-bashing post.

Confession: I fell off the wagon. I purchased a large amount of yarn in the past month, yarn that didn't really need to come into my room. But it happened, so we move on.

I also actually threw away a chunk of partially unraveled sweater in an attempt to feel like I was cleaning. It did make me feel better.

I unraveled a scarf that was just ugly, and have been working on a few infinity scarves in order to clean up another bag that has just been sitting.

I currently claim that my only problem, my only interference is school. I have less than 2 weeks of summer classes left, but they also consume a lot of my time as I attempt to write papers and read textbooks.

My goals: to finish 3 hats by the end of June, to make 3 more headband bases, to clean up one more bag of yarn- whether it be using it up or putting it in a more permanent storage space- it doesn't matter.

To make this a more happy post, I will show some of my stash-bashing FOs:
A finally finished headband, with an awesome button:
Also, a Divine Hat:

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  1. No worries I "fall off the wagon" all the's a constant battle!! It looks like you've made some good progress on your to-do list!! And goals are always good too I was thinking about making a crafting to-do list because sometimes I have so many crafts in my mind that I forget what's on my to-do list!! Good luck with your goals and I hope to visit again at Tricia's stash bash link up:)


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