Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ravelry wins Again!

My go-to place for yarn advice is Ravelry. I have two or three groups that I participate in more actively, and those are usually the places where I seek advice.

Over Easter weekend, I was working on a lace-weight stole. It was a free-style event, so to speak, as I was adding bits from favorite patterns together. As I worked on it, getting comfortable with the flow of stitches, I started to see a problem. The first section is really not jiving with the second section, in regards to tension. Being the type of crafter that I am, I ignored it and kept crocheting. My mom made a comment about taking it apart and starting again. I ignored her too. We came home from my parents Sunday evening, and this particular project took a back seat.

Fast-forward to 3 weeks later, when I post a picture of this poor neglected stole over in the Crochet Shoulder Wrappers forum. I just wanted to know what to do, and frogging was looking like the only option. Luckily, a fellow Raveler saved my stole from that fate and suggested changing hook sizes! I breathed a sigh of relief.

The end of the school year has put me in a crafting rut, and even such a simple thought as changing hooks was escaping me. I am extremely grateful to the Ravelry community for helping crafters like me adjust their perspective and try again.

Changing hook sizes was extremely successful, and my shawl has been pulled out of the dog house.

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  1. Sometimes having that 3rd party look at a problem is the best idea you ever. Glad it all worked out! (And my browser kind of horked on me, so if this is a duplicate comment, feel free to delete.)


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