Monday, May 26, 2014

Getting the Garden Started

Moving at the end of June means finally having a place for herbs and flowers and vegetables. My husband is a big believer in starting early, so we had seeds and pots and dirt way at the beginning of May. A week or so back, we planted everything. We started the vegetables in pots, but will transplant them in a few more weeks when they are bigger. The non-transplant plants are my flowers and herbs. I'm starting with rosemary, basil and oregano- two pots of each. My zinnias are in a longer window-sill type pot.
So far, three of four plants have sprouted. I'm really excited to have fresh herbs, and am hoping that they will do well. Luckily, they are not in my apartment, but rather outside at my in-laws. If I was keeping track of them day after day, I might over-water them, or over thin them, or generally hover in an unhealthy manner. When we finally move, it will be better, because the plants will be larger. 

If I can get my three herbs to make it through the summer, and keep them inside this winter, I may add a few more to the bunch. My mom grows both parsley and garlic, so I might branch out into non-food herbs and try lavender. I'm also thinking about lemon balm, simply because I like the smell. My maternal grandmother had this beautiful bay window in her kitchen where she kept African violets and cactus all year round. My dream is to replicate that some day, but not with all flowers. I'd like a combination of useful and pretty.


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