Friday, May 2, 2014

Infinity Stripes

On Wednesday, I gave a sneak preview of my finished project for the week. This project will always hold special meaning for me, due to when I made it.

Double the fun!
These two scarves kept me company during my first experience on an over-night school retreat. We only had girls sign up for this one (I'm told that's unusual), and the experience was interesting, to say the least. It was a short, two-day retreat, but still a good time away from everything else. 

My small group
Being out of the school atmosphere was great for me, as I really enjoy the age group, but so often have to be the teacher with my students. These girls were not my students- I teach freshmen, they were sophomores- and we had some good fun. The "thing" of the weekend was the "Cold Water Challenge". We were on a lake, and a few of the girls had been recently nominated. My understanding of the challenge is that you must jump into a cold body of water within 24 hours of being nominated, or donate $100 to charity. What ended up happening was the priest on the retreat with us offered to do the challenge, since none of the girls had permission forms to go in the lake. (School rules, which is legitimate). The girls thought it was hilarious, and the priest told us later that it was something he did with his buddies when in college, so not much of a challenge for him.
The girls challenged the priest- the "Cold Water Challenge"

Back to the scarves- one skein of Knit Picks Felici per scarf, crocheted on an angle. I didn't want a pattern so busy that it obscured the striping, but I didn't want plain double or single crochet either. It's basically my version of the Retro Striped Scarf from Crochet Me a few years back.

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