Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Holiday Stashdown Challenge: Week 3

I am determined to be on time this week. Visit Marie to see hers, and check out this thread to see who else is participating!
The challenge/prompt of the week: Now that you’ve sized up the yarn in your stash and the people on your gift list, what types of projects do you plan to make?  Are you making the same type of (or the same exact) project for multiple people, or does everyone get something unique?  Do you have lofty project goals for everyone on your list, or do you make small gifts with love?  Tell us more about your project ideas!

I have a lot of project ideas. *sheepish face* And after writing my post last week, I promptly starting looking at yarns that I wanted to buy... For me, this actually is a stashdown, so I am really trying to minimize buying.

I think I am safe posting my ideas here, as I don't think any of my family reads my blog. For sure, I know I want to make these fingerless gloves, in a variety of colors, for my 3 aunts and 1 cousin (mom's side). I've attempted the pattern once, and promptly gave up, but upon further examination, they won't be too hard. I will probably leave off the ribbing. I think fingerless gloves are fabulous, and I have 3 pairs currently in my personal "outdoor clothing" basket. I actually wear them inside a lot, because I always get cold hands. They also work up rather quickly, especially in a simple stitch.

I also love making scarves. Scarves are fabulous, but even better when they can double as shawls. I try to make narrower stole-like patterns into scarves, so they are fancy enough to be used as a stole/shawl if needed. I will probably make a few different patterns for my 3 close friends in colors that they like.

Basically, my goal is to make a variety of smaller gifts, similar styles-different colors, and for my immediate family, I'll work some bigger gifts. If there is time, which is possible (due to these prompts and encouragement from Marie and others) I may work a second small project for some of the people on the 'second ring'.


  1. The fingerless mitts pattern is really cute! The idea of a similar pattern in different colors seems to be popular - that way, you can remember the pattern but also customize it for each person.

  2. I am a huge fan of fingerless gloves and shawls/wraps/scarves. I think they're so versatile and the are so many great patterns out there!


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