Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Holiday Stashdown Challenge Week 2

The challenge this week:
Let’s take a stroll through our yarn stash, to see if there are any suitable yarns in there for gift-giving.  Don’t worry about matching these up to projects or people yet.  Are there yarns you like enough to work with but are willing to part with as gift projects?  If you don’t have a large (or suitable) stash, where do you think you will be doing your yarn shopping?  Tell us all about the glorious yarns!

So far I am failing in a rather epic way. This is the second week in a row that I have forgotten to post about Marie's stash-down challenge. However, she is super flexible, so I'm going to double post my Wednesdays again this week.

Over the last few years, I've accumulated a decent amount of stash. I mainly work with easy-care acrylics, and it's only since I found Ravelry that I've gained an appreciation for nicer fibers (especially when it comes to their dyeing properties). My stash has just about everything in it, mainly in small project quantities.

Taking only a quick glance through my stash, without any official counts, I have as follows:

Cotton: Lily Sugar'n'cream- at least 6 skeins, and 1 cone, plus 2-4 skeins of a weird variegated cotton from Chile (can't recall the exact brand)

Knit-Picks: (not counting the 4 skeins for a sweater) 2 worsted wool skeins, undyed; 6-8 bulky wool undyed; 1 skein of sky blue Capretta, 1 skein Macaw Comfy, 5 skeins of Telemark (Sport Weight wool, a discontinued brand, I think)
Vanna's Choice (acrylic)- 4 skeins, variety of colors
Lion Brand Homespun, 10+ skeins
Red Heart acrylic, unknown number

and a variety of skeins of thrifted sweaters, in varying states of dyed/undyed, and raveled/unraveled.

If I need more yarn in any quantities, I'm hoping to order some online. I love KnitPicks, and I have yet to order from Deramores (but really want to!) so I definitely see some stash enhancement in order to complete some gifts. (I'm looking particularly at James C. Brett Marble Chunky... love the colors!) If I order from KnitPicks, there will probably be some fun for-me yarns tossed in...
Anyway, I've totally been stashing-down as much as possible, and even though I've purchased the odd skein here and there, I can see some progress!

How's everyone doing in their Stash-down?


  1. It looks like you have a good assortment of different fiber types and quantities so you can make some smaller and some larger holiday gifts.

  2. So you have the collection of Homespun too?? I'm not sure where all mine came from - do you think it might be multiplying?? I'm not so worried about shrinking the stash since mine isn't very big, but I am using the "Challenge" as encouragement to get my gifts done before Christmas Eve!! I love that Marie gives us prompts it really helps me!


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