Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Holiday Stashdown Challenge: Week 1

Who is craft-worthy?

This fabulous question, posed by Marie at Underground Crafter, is to start off our holiday stashdown, in which we encourage one another as we prepare for the holidays and 'stash-down'.

I honestly have to say that I don't know who will be on my gifting list this year, and it's even harder to decide who is worthy of a handmade gift. But, I can make a long list, and always come back and edit it when things get closer.

  • Mom & Dad
  • 3 siblings- T, D, N (1 sister, 2 brothers)
  • E- [as Marie put it] my special guy
  • K, A, B, 3 of my closest friends
  • R, M, 2 of my out-of-town friends
  • 3 aunts, 1 cousin (on my mom's side, all women)
  • E's family (5 children, 9 adults)
  • 16 co-workers (something small)
Oops, that looks super intimidating. But honestly, the co-workers will all likely get something small like an ornament, and that's also the case with E's family. The immediately family is definitely craft-worthy, the only problem is coming up with gifts for all of them. BUT, since I am thinking about it early, I will likely get ideas, etc, from the lovely crafting community, as well as hints from the recipients themselves.


  1. That is a big list! But if you start early and are making lots of smaller gifts, I think it is completely do able!

  2. I have a few family that are knit worthy. I have scaled back considerably on who I knit for. It takes so much time!! Good luck paring down your list :)

  3. I wrote this, I think, on Marie's blog of last week, but I like to make felted bowls or even smaller baskets (,

    My brothers and my dad like the bowls for change or keys. They make a generic gift that works for just about anyone who pops up unexpectedly, and they are fairly quick and easy to make.

    I am supposed to be a part of this group but haven't made my list yet.

    1. Thanks for the pattern advice! I'll have to check those out and see if I can make some.


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