Thursday, May 3, 2012


I heave a sigh of relief as I write today's FO Friday post, kindly hosted by Tami's Amis.

Yesterday the weather was bi-polar, and I did not have work, so I spent most of the day in my room, listening to The Fellowship of the Ring on audiobook, and finishing a few projects.

I finished my "yarn bucket" as I have fondly dubbed it, a colorful concoction made of recycled t-shirts. It is crocheted, on hook P, and took at least 10 t-shirts, if not more. My mom said it would probably make a great beach bag-- I'll probably use it for that in the next few months.

I also finished the Feburary CAL for the CSW group on Ravelry- the lattice lace wrap.
I haven't had a chance to block it yet, but I hope to have some spare time for it over the weekend. 

I'm proud of both of these projects because they have been "on my hook" for quite some time, and it is a relief to have another project checked off the list :)

I hope everyone has a nice weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

Quick Note: I'm participating in the Pay it Forward Handmade! Check it out here.


  1. What a great bag, it really will be perfect for the beach. I've been watching this thread on CSW, the colour you have chosen is lovely.

  2. I love the beach bag. rainbow is awesome.

  3. Interesting idea, to use tee shirts to make a beach bag!
    Very colorful! Though... the only tee shirts I have in my house that are that colorful are my son's hee hee.

  4. Loving the "yarn bucket" and t-shirt yarn seems like the perfect thing for a beach bag. Now bring on summer!

  5. Feels great to finish up big projects, doesn't it! The bag is fab, and looks like just the thing for the beach!


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