Saturday, May 19, 2012

Finally Finished!

I'm sharing my succss with Tami's Amis Finished Object Friday!
[This is getting shared on Saturday because my home internet has been down since Thursday night, and I wasnt able to get to another source until today]
And I have another story to tell.

This week I finally finished an Eva's Shawl. I say finally because I started an Eva back in Sept/Oct? to wear to a wedding, but it ended up in the frog pile.

The CSW group was hosting an Eva CAL this month, and I jumped right on it, as I really liked the look of the shawl and wanted to give it a second chance.

I started with a lace-weight yarn that I rescued from a pale pink cardigan- silk/angora/wool nylon. It was definitely a messy yarn to work with, due to the angora, but it felt so light and airy, and I *knew* that it would be a great summer shawl, so I persevered. The first few rows were completed with hook size F, but I moved up to H after the rows were established.

The rhythm of the shawl pattern clicked with me this time, and I did not want to put my hook down. I knew I had other projects to finish, but I really wanted this one done. Especially since it was this month's CAL, and I wanted to feel accomplished at the end of the month.

I skipped the "fancy" edging, as I liked the clean lines of the pattern. Tuesday night saw the shawl soaking in my bath tub, in preparation for dyeing and blocking. Did I mention that the yarn was an awful pale pink? Well, it was. It totally wasn't my color at all. And it looked really blah. So I decided to save it. Hence the overnight soak.

Shawl is blue, dyebath is red?
 I had some dyeing issues on Wednesday morning. The shawl was pink, the dye was blue (Mixed Berry KA, if you are wondering). After cooking for a bit, I went to check on the shawl. It was a lovely pale blue, but the dyebath was oddly red. I figured that some of the pink had just leeched out or something.

This is an after shot of the dyebath...
 I added a second round of dye, and the dyebath did it again. But the shawl was the color I wanted it, so out into the sunny lawn to dry. I did not severely block this out, as the weight of the yarn helps keep the shape of the shawl.

When my sister got home, I asked if she would get some shots of the shawl in action.

I totally love how this turned out, and I hope I have as much success on my future shawl projects!


  1. That's really pretty, such an unusual shape and knitted so well, well done and I'm sure you'll get lots of use out of it this summer :)

  2. This shawl looks awesome! I think I might have to try it myself.

  3. Apologies obviously I meant crocheted, I can be such a numpty!

  4. The shawl looks fantastic! I love how your dyeing worked out :)

  5. Beautiful work! In everything: the recycling, hooking and overdying. I am so impressed.


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