Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Too Little Progress, Too Many Projects

I am terrible at project monogamy. When something gets too big to stay in my bag, it stays at home and I start something else. And then there are the projects that I can only work on when certain people aren't watching.

"In Progress":
Homespun Infinity Scarves
Autumnal Afghan 
Smorgasbord Mish-Mash
Age of Brass and Steam
Toothless Hat
Plus, a dinosaur hat and a pair of fingerless gloves-- neither of which have a photo.

3 of the projects are knitted. The other 5 are crocheted. And these are the projects that I can see in my room right now. A few of them just need a bit of finishing-- mainly the hats and the infinity scarves. My Azzu needs more yarn. Age of Brass and Citron are both knitted in lace-weight yarn, so they are taking FOREVER. I just need a few more squares to finish the Autumnal Afghan, but I don't want to weave in ends on the squares that I have finished, so why should I make more? It's a toss up, which of the above projects I will finish first.

I think I just overwhelmed myself making this list. But then, you need to see my stack of books. That's overwhelming too.
It's been modified slightly since it was photographed. Swap out Slave Ship for Civilization: The West and The Rest, and add The Orchid House. I'm currently stuck on my 2 non-fictions, and really want to finish at least one of them before I start on one of my fictions. But, the only books that are NOT library books are the ones I am reading for school, so they all have a time limit on them. The DVDs on top are Castle Season 4 and Downton Abbey Season 1-- I'm getting geared up for the new seasons- a bit early for Downton, but Castle starts next week!! I know, I don't often talk about TV here, but if I were to pick my favorites, they would be Castle, Bones and Downton Abbey.

Enough of me-- head over to Tami's and Ginny's to see what everyone else is up to this week!


  1. Had to giggle---I think your pile of UFOs is even bigger than mine!!!! (But I think my book pile of to-reads might be taller!)

  2. I think having variety is more fun! Plus, you can never be sick of what you are knitting :-) Love Downton Abbey! I was thinking about re-watching the series in prep for the next season...but seeing as how the next season won't be in the US until next year I think I will wait a little bit...instead I am trying to go through Vampire Diaries again :-)

  3. you are hilarious! so much going on. well you have more than enough to keep your hands busy!

  4. Oh my how an earth do you find time to study along with all your projects. I think you should invest in audiobooks :) Have a lovely week. Ali x

  5. Funny, because I am currently sitting here with a knitting project on my lap, a cup of tea next to me, and Downton Abbey cued up on the TV to start as soon as I'm done catching up on blog reading :)

  6. You make me smile! I have so much a the same problem! Too many projects and books and not near enough time! Plus I always seem to want to start something new. And why can't weaving in ends be easier? No matter how much I work over them (making squares) I'm always nervous it isn't enough!!

    Hang in there! Eventually you'll get to them all!

  7. I have exactly the same problem I never have less than 10 ongoing project at one time...but I wouldn't want it any other way.
    Keep up the good posts, I love reading them

  8. Well, you do have quite a few things going, but I'm a firm believer that you can never have too many projects! :-D I hope the juggling gets easier and you can start to cross some of these off your make room for more, of course. :)

  9. You can never have to many projects going at once. It makes things interesting when you have a ton going at once.

  10. Wow!! That is a lot of projects going on, you go girl!

  11. So many beautiful projects. Those infinity scarves look beautiful. I just rewatched the last episode of Castle in preparation for Monday. I watched the first episode of Downton season 3 through TunnelBear twice already this week. Can't wait for Sunday night! I am an inconsistent crocheter but I am thinking the fall TV season may help with that.

  12. Yikes, that's a lot of WIPs. Just take it one at a time, and you'll get them done, though.

  13. Project monogamy is a really hard thing to do, I start new projects depending on how I feel, especially when I want something portable! Getting them under control is definitely do-able :D


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