Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Knitting

I have a new knitting project!
I just started working on Azzu's Shawl, using a recycled yarn that I re-dyed a few weeks ago. I love this pattern so far, because it doesn't use a garter tab to start, the increases are simple, and the instructions are well written. Also, I can see its progress a lot better than on my Underwater shawlette

Here's a close-up from this morning:
My reading has not changed much, though I'm attempting to finish up my few pleasure reading so my homework can actually get finished. Of the three books, 2 of them are for school. Slave Ship is decent enough, but all the Nietzsche I have to read is annoying. I'm reading Lady Almina bit by bit, and I really enjoy the turn of the century British facts.

I have been working on my next "big" crochet project, and have yarn all over my bed:
Hopefully I can share more next week!
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  1. You have a lt of books and projects on the go! they look great :)

  2. so much going on. i am always amazed at people who can be reading more than one book at a time and knitting more than one project at a time! woohoo!

  3. The Underwater Shawl colors remind me of a Monet watercolor! Lovely :-)

  4. I've been knitting Azzu's shawl too, I agree that it is very well written. Although I don't think that mine will turn out as pretty as yours! I cannot wait to see the secret crochet project!


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