Sunday, September 23, 2012

Flowers and Craft Shows Part 2

A few weeks ago, I posted about flower hair elastics that I was making for a craft show. (Earlier this year I shared how I made them into headbands.)

This is part 2, showing how I make the hair elastics, and featuring photos from the craft show.

When I make the hair elastics, I try to avoid having more than 2 ends to weave in.

Make your flower. Do not cut the yarn. (Here I slip stitch to get the yarn on the back of the flower)
The first few stitches are the hardest, but also the most important, because they will be closest to the flower.
Using the yarn that you didn't cut, which should now be at the back of your flower, I re-insert my hook into the loop. Treating the hair elastic like a previous row, I insert my hook in the middle and single crochet around it. Sometimes my first one does not look tidy, so I take it out and try again. The straightness of the stitches will matter.
Once you've got the first one done, the rest are pretty straight-forward. I go all the way around the hair elastic, stopping every 10-15 stitches to smoosh them together. I like having the hair elastic completely covered, but if you don't, you can skip the smooshing. When you've come back to where you've started, look over the hair elastic and make sure you've covered it to your satisfaction. I slip stitch to the first single crochet, and cut the yarn, leaving a long tail for sewing.

To sew it down, I start with the end I just clipped, and work my way across the back of the flower, incorporating between 4-6 single crochets from the hair elastic. Basically, you want the flower solidly attached to the hair elastic. Because I use 6 petaled flowers, it is fairly easy to make sure the hair elastic is running exactly down the middle.

The apple farm craft show went really well. (OMG It was nearly 3 weekends ago already!!)
When we went last year, the weather was a lot warmer, and it was harder to sell winter-type stuff-- the sweatshirts that my aunt sells, as well as the hats and scarves that I sell. This year, we sold a little bit of everything. I sold all of my infinity scarves, which was awesome, and actually had the most successful show I've ever been at. The next craft show is the first weekend in October-- hopefully another cool weekend!

My table

The sweatshirts my aunt makes

My newest addition--stitch markers!

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