Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Holiday Stashdown Challenge Week 19

Wow- 19 weeks already! Marie wrote a roundup post, talking about what we've done so far.

Last week, I celebrated finishing my brother's vest, but it now means I need to come up with a different idea for a Christmas present for him. Probably a hat, because I always have yarn for hats.((Note: Sorry for no photos today! My computer was being slow))

I've also failed quite miserably on the stashdown aspect of this Challenge. On at least 3 separate occasions, I've purchased yarn for my parents' afghan, and after my successful craft show last week, I had to buy more yarn to make items for the next craft show. But I think, other than craft show yarn, I've overall done alright.

For this week, my 2 goals were more afghan squares and more star ornaments. With Jan Eaton's 200 Crochet Blocks in my bag at all time, I was able to make some progress, at least on the squares.

#13 Circle in a Square
#16 Waterlily
#22 St Petersburg (modified)

After those three, I actually reverted to the Vanna's Choice Group's BAWL- where I got 3 more patterns I hadn't tried yet.

BUT! I didn't get to them.

I have been focusing on 2 of my knitting projects, and am so close to finishing both of them! Hopefully I will add more items to my finished list next week.

I've also changed up my List slightly, as all of my close girlfriends have requested something specific. A wanted a hat (which, hey, I have a completed one!), K wants another infinity scarf (not pink, or green-last year's color), and B would probably like one too.

Little Sister is still getting Age of Brass shawlette, the progress is just slow going. A also might be getting a scarf (Azzu), as I re-dyed yarn with her in mind. Brother 1 will be getting a hat, as I finished his vest.

My goal for next week is more squares for the Autumnal Afghan (again!) and finished my sister's knitted scarf. I had listed out goals through mid-October, but will definitely be modifying them come the end of September.

Things that Still Need to be Started: 
Aunt #3: fingerless gloves in something bulky
Brother #1: beard hat
Brother #2: scarf
E: beard hat
Friends B & K: infinity scarves
Gifts for E's family (4 adult women, 5 adult men, 6 children)
Gifts for Co-workers (16, variety of age & gender)

Finished Items:
Shell Stitch Beanie- VC stash (goddaughter M)
Neon Soft Waves Cowl- hand-dyed stash wool (R?)
Lacy Cheery Cherry Cowl- VC stash (Aunt #2)
Starlight Tunisian Scarf- hand-dyed stash wool (cousin T)
Divine Hat for Sister Friend A- stash yarn
Non-Felted Slippers for Godmother- stash yarn
8 hats of 9 (custom order)- stash yarn
Snowflakes (6 to try @ craft show) - stash yarn
Love Cabled Vest
Star Ornaments (12)- bits of leftover yarn

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  1. I knew finishing that vest was going to be trouble for you, Mary! LOL.

    It looks like you are using a lot of stash. These are gifts so we do need to buy yarn sometimes, too!


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