Thursday, August 28, 2014

Peaceful Fridays

So I made it through a week of professional development, followed by a week of school, with absolutely no major signs of baby. Over this time, I have felt ridiculously loved by all of my colleagues, who were always checking on me, showering me with love and humor and advice. 
The four day weekend is a needed break, for me as well as E, as his work schedule has fallen in such a way that he's home with me all weekend. I'm almost looking forward to lesson planning, just as an intellectual stretching exercise, though I'm sure I won't get as much done as I hope for. This weekend marks the start of my maternity leave from school, so even if I don't do any 'stretching' this weekend, there will be more to come. 
Hopefully my crafting will benefit from this weekend as well. Last weekend, my mom and sister helped me prep for next weekend's craft show, which they will be working instead of me, and that was a huge blessing. I still cannot believe that my aunt puts up with me-- though I think she enjoys the company. As long as I am not put on total rest post baby, I will be visiting the craft show even though I can't be there working the whole weekend. (Luckily this is our only 2-day show, so the others won't be a problem.)
I'm already restocking for the October show, making sure I have a similar variety of items, etc. Being able to create and not having to worry about the intended recipient is very freeing. I don't want to seem ignorant of my customers- I do consider those people who buy things from me, but when I'm creating for someone specific, there is some need to please. When I'm creating for a general public, so to speak, I can get have a bit more fun, guessing what might appeal to people. Right now, I am working on a variety of striped projects, and am dreaming of embellishments. 

My nesting tendency is also in play a little bit this weekend. E and I are both making attempts to tidy things up and prepare. Though we know we can't really be prepared, it is nice to clean things up in a very thorough manner. 

I'd appreciate continued prayers, and have felt loved by everyone who's commented saying that they are thinking of us. We are starting such an exciting new journey, and really don't know what to make of it. Thanks for the love and support! Hopefully there will be a new little face and model for my hats soon!

Post script-- I wrote this Thursday evening... Friday morning I woke with contractions. Our baby was born Friday evening!!! 


  1. oh wow!!! what a joyous surprise ending!!! and you had such a good end before the birth (feeling loved, peaceful etc)! so happy for you! going to light a candle for you and the newly born baby! :)

  2. OH.MY.GOSH!!! that baby looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

    Many congratulations and best wishes for a wonderful baby-moon

    blessings for your new family of 3!


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