Friday, August 22, 2014

Professional Development

The week before school is full of fun stuff. Being 39 weeks pregnant makes it more fun. Sitting during meetings has already gotten old. 

But baby's not moving, so I'm still working! I have two more days of meetings, plus I'd like to get in the first day of school... Maybe I'm crazy, but I love teaching and my job. So I'd super appreciate prayers for my energy and stamina as I go through the next seven days. 

I know babies are unpredictable, and God often has a different plan from us, but I'm still praying it'll all work out. 

If I suddenly disappear, you'll know why. 
Thanks for the flow of love and prayers and support, I really appreciate it!!


  1. what a lovely picture of you! I don't think I've ever seen one (?) but this one shows you in a deep loveliness. May God bless, support and keep you in His protection and peace!!!

  2. What a beautiful picture!

    many prayers for a wonderful week for you.


  3. Good luck and best wishes for a easy childbirth experience.

  4. Fingers crossed that you manage to get your week at work and that you are not too uncomfortable (I always felt pretty breathless at this stage...). All the best for all the exciting times to come. xx


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~ Mary