Tuesday, August 5, 2014

After Vacation

We spent two weeks out of town, one with E's family on vacation and the second working at a Christian summer camp. I truly felt blessed by the time away from home. Granted, there's a stack of paperwork to catch up on, but being out of the world for a while definitely helped me to come back to a place of peace.

Since coming back, things have been really busy and not necessarily peaceful. But I think I'm becoming more accepting of the rush, and by taking time to find the blessings and peace in the chaos, I'm doing better. 

Sunset on Lake Michigan
E and I are getting closer to being ready to welcome our little one. The only things not ready are my baby 'knits', but they are nearly there. Hopefully I'll be settled back into the normal routine soon enough to pick up my hooks.  

That's the only 'bad' thing I see about vacations and going away- settling back in. The normal routine became something else while being away, and now readjustment is necessary. But changing things up every once in a while can be good. We just have to handle it properly. Take things one at a time, and always seek out the blessings amidst the chaos. 

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  1. sometimes a change of scenery is just what we need! May God keep you in His peace!!


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