Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Quiet and Simple

Labor Day weekend and a little munchkin in the house definitely make me lose track of the days.

Most of my day looks like this. When I have gotten a moment or two of crafting, it looks more like this:

Simple and mostly intuitive infinity scarves (next to lesson planning books, lol) are the best projects right now. I have a few little baby hats in progress, but they're in the other room and my lap is occupied. :) 

Healthy baby, quick delivery, and my time
is less my own. But we are blessed, and I need to keep reminding myself of that. Quiet simple days are not a bad thing. Just something to adjust to. 


  1. she's so cute!!! and what a blessed delivery! yes, it is a big adjustment but caring for the young is a very important task and a beautiful one. :)

  2. so glad all went well.

    His expression is absolutely priceless!

    continued prayers for you, my friend

  3. what a beauty! So happy that all is well with you and your little one. There is nothing like a sleeping baby and watching them grow :)


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