Monday, September 22, 2014

Sitting gets Boring

Sunday Instagram:

Using the super bulky lion brand homespun thick n quick, I have progressed way further than this pic shows. Of course, it having been taken on Sunday has something to do with it. I also finished my book. My little pumpkin went through what felt like a growth spurt Sunday and Monday- he was nursing like crazy all day Monday- so I had plenty of book time. My crocheting progressed as well. I'm working a giant granny with modified corners as a way to work through some of my Homespun stash. The yarn was purchased on clearance for craft show purposes, but I'm at a point where I want it used up more than I want to make more craft show stuff. The FO will likely become a Christmas gift for one of the sets of parents. 

My shawl has made progress as well. I have about ten more rows before the border. 

Since finishing The Beekeeper's Apprentice on Monday, I have been reading bits of different things. Nothing's really sticking, but I'm hoping to find something else soon. 

I'm getting a bit of 'cabin fever', being inside with a baby all day. We've been running errands and taking walks to ward off feelings of depression. 

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  1. Oh I adore the pink and red stripe! Very Pretty.

  2. nice knits! do you have a wrap that you can put your baby in? some of my Mother friends would just wrap their baby on them and go out; it may be a good thing for you too do; fight the depression feelings! God love you.

  3. oh my goodness....what an angel! (hee hee.....sleeps all the time, right??!!??)

  4. Beautiful shawl and sweet baby! That book has been on my list too

  5. oh yeah - growth spurts! 'love those' um, yeah! (and I have found they usually will happen around 3 and 6 weeks and 3 and 6 months - for what it's worth)
    homespun is great, if you can get past the pain in the butt feature of the weave lol
    love the blanket! and of course, it goes without saying, love the baby pictures


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