Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Another Wednesday

If I posted a picture of what I was working on today, it would look really similar to last week's picture. I made a second light green baby hat, this time a bit shorter (no rolled brim) and with ear flaps. During craft night last night, I made two little green "ears" though they may morph into horns/fins/something. I'm still debating about the overall design, but I'm leaning toward dinosaur/dragon.

An acquaintance who does photography for a living did some maternity photos for us back at the beginning of May, and we're planning on having a newborn session as well. My sister, while being a talented photographer, is not good at people pictures. So at this time, I am content to hire a local photographer.

The whole point... LOL... I'm attempting to have some crochet pieces- hats, diaper covers, sweaters- made for this newborn photo shoot. The biggest problem is guessing the size of the baby. Hence multiple sizes of hats. I'm totally in love with the Leaping Crochet Baby Hoodie, have considered the Puerperium (which may be hindered by my poor knitting skills), and have downloaded several diaper cover patterns.

As my school year comes to a close, I'm hoping to have more time to work on all these ideas that I have. However, it's likely that between school moving and home moving, it will be a while...

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  1. hang in there; moving takes times but you will settle in again; God be with you!

  2. Hope your school year ends super fast so you can do the really important stuff :)


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