Friday, June 6, 2014

Another Unfinished Friday

Finishing projects is not something I've been able to do lately. The end of the school year has been massively busy, and a full time job was not something I previously had in my schedule. So I count little successes when I can.

Making sloooooow progress
Last night I finished another mitered square on my sock scrap blanket. As you can see, the progress is very small. Just the one green square. I have 4 more squares that need to be attached, but am torn between knitting and crocheting. If I can find a good movie, or a good audio book, I may try some more, as I'd really like to have all my starting row connected. I think the making of individual squares is harder than  making the squares that hold them together. This is probably due to the fact that I hate casting on, and joining eliminates that step. A ten-stitch blanket may be another possibility for me, simply for that reason.... Hmmm. More things to craft, just what I need!


  1. i know the feeling i have less time to crochet now im back working full time x

  2. Well it might only be one square but it looks great.


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