Tuesday, July 16, 2013

True Blue

This is the third shawl I've posted about in at least as many weeks: MAD Cap Designs, True Love. I like that it is shallower and longer than the previous MAD Cap I made. It helps that I really like the color blue, too. I seriously recommend any patterns by this designer- she makes an effort to make purchasing a pattern worthwhile. There are stitch counts and clear charts and se has a fun Ravelry group too!

I've also advanced since my last post, and am reading it starts with food. Very interesting so far. Behind the scenes at the museum wasn't really working for me, so that's been returned already. I'm hoping to find some new historical fiction...

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  1. nice! love the bright blue in the first picture! :)

  2. I must admit, I am addicted to knitting shawls!

  3. lovely shade of blue.
    i loved that book. it was a real eye opener.

  4. Love that blue .. so strong and almost electric!

    Mary G.


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