Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Books & Hooks

Wedding preparations are getting really busy-- just over a month left now!!

But amid all the hub-bub of bridal showers, moving, fittings, bachelorette parties, and general preparation, I've found time for my hooks.

First Love
Yarn: Knit Picks Palette fingering in Mulberry
Hook: H

Little Star Dishcloths
Yarn: Sugar'n Cream scraps & the like
Hook: I keep switching between G and H, though I like H best.
True Love
Starting this one as soon as First Love is finished!

I've also found time for new books. One was suggested by a follow Yarn-Along-er, the other by a co-worker.

Thieftaker, D.B. Jackson-- pre-Revolutionary War era

Movement of the Stars, Amy Brill-- mid 1800s

I'm enjoying the historical angle of both books, though they are from two different eras and have completely different story lines.

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  1. Lovely color! Visting from Yarn Along.


  2. That will be a beautiful shawl.

  3. I love that pattern!

  4. Gorgeous mulberry colour. Maybe in all the madness a little quiet time with your hook is needed for your sanity?

  5. lovely colour! Whew, that is a LOT going on... I know all about it... That was me last year... all of God's blessings!

  6. Sounds like a little quiet time with the hook is perfect right now.
    Love the colour you're working the shawl in - Pretty.

  7. Crochet is a perfect antidote to all of that busyness!
    I love your pattern choices. I'm new to crochet but have added some of them to my ravelry queue - thanks for sharing :o)


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