Thursday, July 11, 2013

More Finishes

Last week I posted my finished Michele's Lace, and I have post blocking photos now too! 

The lace opened a lot with blocking. I took some photos with my mom modeling, and I'll get those up next week hopefully. 

I also finished my First Love shawl, and am currently debating about a button for it. The reason for the button is the smallish size of the shawl, which I was expecting. It might get a bit of blocking to help it. 

I left off the picot border, and was left with a small ball of yarn. My project page on ravelry will be updated with the measurements, etc, in a few days. 

Thinking about new yarn is dangerous. But I'm still thinking. I've been doing really good, keeping up with and finishing projects, and I think I need a wedding de-stress-er. 

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  1. Gorgeous shawls. I love blocking lace, it's like magic the way it opens up and becomes soft and drapey

  2. Pretty shawls, love the color of the first one. So soft.

  3. Both are lovely shawls. Have a nice weekend. Regula


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