Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pi Miles

I was just checking my knitmeter for my crocheting, and realize6d that I am not a math person.  One mile  equals 1760 yards. And I am at 3.14 miles, or pi!! It was just funny, because I didn't realize how "easy" it would be to crochet a mile. Right now, I'm crocheting roughly 1 mile a month. My stash is decent sized, not quite SABLE, even though it feels like it-- 26650 yards as of my last Ravelry stash count. With my current count and my current rate of crocheting, I may use up all my yarn in 15 months!

Good or bad? Who knows?


  1. That's good progress! I've not totted up my stash in a while. Last year I had about 8 miles I believe but it's grown quite a bit since then thanks to discovering crochet and buying loads of acrylic for blankets :-S


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