Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I had a yarn binge this month. Now, don't expect really nice expensive yarn... There was a sale...

One doesn't expect the grocery store to have yarn. Our Meijer does, a very small amount, in their little itty, bitty craft section. When labels change or whatever, they mark down their yarn. I've scored some great deals this way. While I don't go grocery shopping at Meijer every week, my mom does. She mentioned this markdown, and I said if the yarn goes lower, to like 75% off or something, go ahead and pick some up. This time (and nearly every time) it was Lion Brand Homespun Quick & Thick. This is a newer line of the same colors, etc, of the Homespun yarn that I use for my infinity scarves for my craft shows.

160 yards per skein is no big deal, right?

Wrong. I added nearly 2000 more yards of yarn to my stash. Granted, this yarn will probably not make it past the New Year, if it makes it past my wedding. Or so I hope. 12 skeins total, in a variety of colors.

Expect to see more infinity scarves in between all the fancier stuff I'm making! :)


  1. Lol! Oh well, it's not like yarn goes off and yay for a bargain :-)

  2. I just discovered Meijer has a yarn section in their craft aisle! The way I see it is you have a purpose for the yarn and sometimes when things go on sale you just have to do it!

  3. A yarn deal is a yarn deal, that's great!


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