Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Making New Things!

I am so excited to have pictures to share of the new things I've been making.

Both of my WIP shawls
Ananas Crocheted Shawlette
Pineapple Body
testing new settings on my camera- B&W except for blue things :)

Stephanie's Wrap

Steph 1
My hand-dyed tonal pink.

I had all the yarn for my Steph wound into balls on Thursday last week, using my cousin's eldest daughter M for my swift. (Note to self: KnitPicks makes their skeins small. Drill new holes on Lazy-Susan swift.) M is really great, and she loves helping me with yarn-y stuff (I sense a new student as soon as my schedule slows down). As much as I wished I had, I didn't officially start crocheting until Sunday night, when I alternated between 3 projects.

Sunday night, my "Ananas" were just starting to appear on the shawl. But the rows were really long! So, I didn't get as far as I had wanted to, but finally added the second skein. The pineapples are starting to be visible too-- I totally love watching these sorts of patterns develop.

Tuesday Afternoon
This was my afternoon- popcorn, tea, Rav & crocheting
With Spring Break ending and classes starting back up, my crafting time diminished. However, I will be done teaching this week, and finish all the student teaching paperwork, etc, next Friday. So, crafting time will again be a large part of my day.

Joining Tami's WIP Wednesday & Ginny's Yarn-along!


  1. what a cool setting on your camera!!! Crochet shawls are beginning to tempt me......I've never done one.

  2. What a fab sounding afternoon! Popcorn, tea, Ravelry and Crochet - sounds like heaven. :) I love that stitch on the blue shawl.

  3. Yikes! Be careful with that tea so close to the computer!

  4. Popcorn tea ravelry and a project sound alike all the ingredients of a perfect day!!

  5. the pink yarn turned out really well. I'm not much of a pink girl but it is lovely.


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