Wednesday, December 19, 2012


My cousin T has totally inspired me to actually use Pinterest, as she is doing a totally hand-made Christmas this year. I think that is super awesome, and I want to do the same next year.

My first Pinterest project was based on this idea which used pipe insulation as a wreath base. I purchased several packages of pre-cut insulation, unlike the original poster. Each package came with 4 pieces, and they are cut in 3 foot lengths, which works well for me. I've made several wreaths using this method, and I like it.
Wreath forms

set 1Number Two came from my cousin, who made this cool project for my mom, who has used it at numerous parties this summer. I bought Christmas-y dishes on Monday when out with my mom, and while they will probably stay apart for now, I'm hoping to assemble them by next year.

set 2

The third project comes from a need for a better craft show display. Using items I already have on hand, I will be making this "bow holder" for my flower hair clips for next year's craft shows.

I'm actually in the process of making 2 more wreaths for Christmas gifts, as the greatest inspiration comes to me in the shower, and I realized I had the perfect yarn to make some holiday wreaths.

My post is up late(r) today because I spent the morning working on two of the above projects. Both of these projects are under $10, as long as you have the supplies on hand.

For the wreaths, I used masking tape and hot glue to hold the ends together (A Note on the hot glue-- it melts the pipe insulation, but provides enough of a bond to hold the ends together while I taped).
covered wreath.
Wreath in foreground, frame in background
For the picture frame, I used acrylic paint, not because there was no spray paint in my house, but because Michigan weather in the winter does not agree with the spray paint requirements of "between 50 and 90 degrees".  And I am impatient. Luckily, I have 2 artist (in the traditional sense) siblings, so paint and brushes are common in our house too. It helped that I did the wreath forms first, because then I switched to the frame, but then back again to the wreaths while the paint dried.


Even though I am in the midst of several projects, I always feel the need to start one more. I've had this beautiful skein of Fyberspates yarn in my stash since June, and I know what it wants to be. But with all my other projects, ones that really need to be finished, I can't really ball this yarn yet. Soon though, really soon.

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  1. Pinterest is amazing. I am addicted to it.

  2. Me too! I've found some lovely ideas for presents on Pinterest this year. I'm addicted now...

  3. Isn't Pinterest great, so many inspiring ideas. Have fun!

  4. I have not started using Pinterest yet..other than browsing I'm not sure what else to do with it. Thanks for posting the links, these are great projects and I think I will be making a hair band holder for myself!

  5. I've seen stores selling this type of yarn wreath this year! Isn't it wonderful to be able to make things on your own!?!


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