Friday, December 14, 2012

Papercrafting and Last Minute Orders

My FOs this week are mixed media-- I have crochet, like normal, but also papercrafting. You see, I have been on the hunt for a circular paper punch, with the little scalloped edges, for several weeks. However, the stores don't seem to be re-stocking, so they've never had the size I wanted. Yesterday, my JoAnn's had the one I wanted, and it was on sale. I used it as soon as I got home, make new ornaments for our Jesse Tree. So now, my family is celebrating a mix of old and new as we prepare for Christmas and the birth of Christ.

Paper punch
new paper punch!
Next week's ornaments
my ornaments for next week
This week's ornaments
this week's, up close
old ornaments
ornaments from years past
our decorated tree
our Jesse Tree, preparing us for Christmas
I have made some crocheting progress, though sadly not with Christmas gifts. I had a woman who had purchased one of my scarves at a craft show contact me (2 months later?!) and wondered if I had any left. (I really wanted to tell her to go away, but business is business, right?) So I graciously offered two of my WIP scarves, since I would have the rest of the week to finish them. Those are now finished, and I'm waiting to hear back from her. For those of you who work craft shows, is there any good way to let people know that you won't take orders after a certain time? Because, I update that information on my Facebook page regularly, and people still think they can order stuff the week before Christmas. Like, I made the FB page so people could find me later, and contact me. Am I doing something wrong?

finished scarves
two new scarves
I'm looking forward to the weekend-- we're cutting our Christmas tree tomorrow morning, have a party in the evening, and on Sunday I'm going dress shopping with my flower girls. Anyone else have exciting plans?

Anyway, linking up with Tami for FO Friday.


  1. love the ornaments - very pretty and you are very talented!
    have fun dress shopping!

  2. Non-crocheters and non-knitters honestly don't understand how much time and work goes into what we do ... I can't count the number of times a friend or co-worker has said to me "I should get you to make me one of those." It's the "get you" part that gets me!

    I love the tree. It's so nice to see someone mention Christ and Christmas together!

  3. Sorry no advice on that...the scarves look great...and I updated the mini-stocking with a link to my Ravelry page and it links to the is here:


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