Tuesday, December 11, 2012

End of the Season

Saturday marked the end of my craft show season this year. I was fairly successful, especially with the popularity of the infinity scarves. I attended 5 different craft shows, and each one was different. One of our shows this year was a complete dud, but a learning experience as well.  My aunt and I are looking into adding one more to our "regular schedule" -- which means there will be at least 4 shows for me next year (my fifth this year was independent of my aunt).

K-zoo show
This is what my stuff at our last show looked like.
It is an enormous relief to not have to worry about making more items to sell-- Now I can work on it as I please.

It's also 2 weeks into Advent, which is the mark of the new liturgical year. After seeing a number of fellow bloggers (JOYfilled Family, Karen @ A Servant's Memories, Ginny @ Small Things)  talking about Jesse Trees, I remembered that we once had a Jesse Tree at my house. It's been many years (1996, we think), but I wanted to bring it back.
So there is a Jesse Tree in our kitchen. I've been slacking, because of finals, but my dad has been adding things. I love the idea of another mediation for Christmas.
Bare Jesse Tree
Bare, for now

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  1. oh, I love the idea of the tree on the wall - please share your ornaments as well?! thanks!


    prayers for success on your finals and a Blessed Christmas.


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