Friday, October 19, 2012

Shallow Waters Revisited

I made a NEW SCARF
Back in July, as part of the Crochet Shoulder Wrappers monthly CAL, I hosted a "Show Your Support" CAL, meaning everyone who participated made a pattern from a designer who is a member of CSW. I picked out the Shallow Waters Shawl, which done in a lighter weight makes more of a scarf.
for seeing the scarf, this is not an excellent photo
The first time I made it in Knit Picks Shadow Lace in the Summer Blooms colorway. It is my absolute favorite scarf. I wear it all the time. Hence, this post being littered with photos from my (heavily) photographed date. (My sister is a perfectionist when it comes to her photos, as I've mentioned before.)

I knew I wanted to make another scarf in that pattern, especially since I get so many compliments on my pink one, and it's quick and easy. I purchased a bunch of Knit Picks Felici a few months back, because I love the colors, and have wanted to try it for a while. I was attempting to make fingerless gloves in the colorway Hummingbird, but they stalled. So I decided another Shallow Waters was in order. Besides, I said to myself, the designer used a sock weight for her original...
Comparison of the 2 shawls
I was making great progress, until I came close to the end of the skein. It still wasn't as long as I wanted it. I figured I'd try it, and was able to squeak out a border row of single crochet with inches to spare.

My hummingbird Shallow Waters is not as big as my Summer Blooms Shallow Waters, but it is big enough to wrap around my neck!

I really love how Felici feels, and the colors are awesomely vibrant. I'm not sure if I would use this yarn for this pattern again, at least not this colorway. Because the colors are so different, the striping caused odd pooling in the pattern. I started working with the Tyrian Purple colorway the same evening I finished with Hummingbird, and those colors are closer together-- multiple shades of purple-- so it might have been a better choice for this shawl. Also, I would definitely recommend 2 skeins. After looking through the pattern info, etc, I saw that the designer did use 400+ yards of a sockweight, where Felici is only 218 yards. I will definitely continue to experiment with different yarns and yardages with this shawl, as it is definitely a staple for me. I have more sockweight somewhere, waiting to be dyed-- an after Christmas project, maybe?

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  1. What lovely photos. I love all the colours you have used an it looks like a fab project to

  2. Both your shawls look super, great colour choices. Love the pictures your sister tool too.

  3. Both versions are so pretty! I love how you are wearing it casually draped around the neck. I have never crocheted a shawl before but really want to now!

  4. They are both very pretty! I especially love the pink one! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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