Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Show no partiality"

James 2:1
I love when what I'm learning in school actually relates to my faith life. I was reading the daily Mass reading from James 2 this morning, and said to myself, hey, this applies to my teaching as well! God doesn't want us to judge other believers based on race/social status/etc, and that's the same thing they're teaching me about my future students. I was thrilled to be able to relate the two, even in such a small way.

A Lenten thought, as Ash Wednesday is next week:
Fasting is not about deprieving yourself of something and being sad, it is about rejoicing in the freedom when that thing is not a concern. We are purifying ourselves so that the Lord can live in us in a deeper way.

Lord, grant that through your grace, we may become a dwelling pleasing to you.

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  1. Well...I really came to you blog to coment on some of the lovely yarn projects found here, but then I came upon this post. Beautiful!
    You are going to make a wonderful teacher with you understanding and very eloquant interpretation of the real meaning of sacrfice.


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