Friday, February 3, 2012

FO Friday: More Squares!

I have a few larger projects that I have been splitting my time between, and school work is starting to become a bit overwhelming, so all I have today to show off is 2 new squares for my Block-a-Month afghan. I'm joining up with Tami's Amis for my FOF~ if you get a chance, check out the cool stuff over there! :)
I'm also linking to Creating a Family Home's Stashbusting Challenge. Her icon is over >>>>> here

This is another Melinda Miller design, Remember Me:
remember me
I really like this one, as it was designed with the red poppies of the VFW in mind. When I was in London, I loved how you could always tell where the war memorials were, because they were covered in bright red poppies. I don't really feel like we do that as much here in the States. It strikes a chord with me, especially since my BF is just returning from serving overseas. So I made this square with him in mind.

My second square, another Melinda Miller, this one Versailles:
I've had my eye on this one for a while, as I wanted something to remind me of my trip to Paris. Melinda says in her notes on the pattern, that she was inspired by Versailles when she designed it, so I felt like it was an appropriate way to remember my trip. I may work this one again, in more Parisian colors, as this one feels very 'scrappy' to me and I'm not a huge fan of how the colors turned out.

One final thought for the day: are we ready for winter? I keep expecting winter to hit really hard, especially because both December and January have been mild. I'm not complaining, because the Midwest always gets snow and I dont mind a break, but I also don't want to be lulled into a false sense of security.
I took a few minutes the other day to take some pictures in my yard.
green and snow
I love the two ends- snow on the ground, but green-ish plants.
I think this is my mom's Rose of Sharon. It looks cool when it's all bare for the winter.

That's all for now!


  1. Lovely squares :)

    We had a mild December and January where I am too... The last couple of days it has been bitterly cold. Makes me glad I'm a knitter!

  2. Your squares are very pretty. I looked at those patterns, but I think they are beyond my capabilities!!

    Our winter has been super mild as well. I'm not complaining - I love to be out in the sun, but it does feel weird.

  3. How wonderful to have each square remind you of a friend, or a place/experience. They look great!

  4. Beautiful squares, and your description of the "Remember Me" square is wonderful. Now I want to browse some patterns until I find something that will bring interesting and important things to mind as I make it, what a nice idea.

    I like your winter-yard pictures, too, and am also waiting for the other shoe to drop with this winter weather---although I'm hoping it won't!!


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