About Me!

Hi! I'm Mary,  a twenty-something wife, mom, and teacher. After finishing college in 2013, I was blessed to get a job teaching at a private school least than an hour away from my home. I've been there ever since.

My son, JT, was born late 2014, and we bought our first house in Sept of 2015.

I love history, and find the history of crafting super interesting! I'm also a huge military history buff, so that's why I randomly blog about some of those things.

I've been getting into designing my own crochet and knit patterns, but nothing's been published yet. Crafting, crochet in particular, is my second love (history being my first). I've been crocheting since middle school, and started knitting a few years after that. My house is full of bags of yarn and tons of half-finished projects.